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Caribbean Coral Reef Ecosystems Program

Deepwater Sea Fan, Iciligorgia schrammi. Photo: J.A. Baeza

  • Carrie Bow Cay BioCode: Next-Generation Natural History Carrie Bow Cay BioCode: Next-Generation Natural History Smithsonian scientists launch new effort to generate a genetic library for all the marine creatures on the Belize Barrier Reef.
  • Reef Report Card Reef Report Card Smithsonian partner issues report card on reef health in the Mesoamerican region.
  • Carrie Bow Acroporid Demographics (CBAD) Carrie Bow Acroporid Demographics (CBAD) Click the image above to watch a mini-documentary about an exciting project going on at Carrie Bow that looks at the population demographics of threatened Acroporid corals.
  • Carrie Bow Cay Naturalists' Log Carrie Bow Cay Naturalists' Log The Naturalists' Log is now online! You can browse through all of the amazing entries from 1999-2010. Click to view.
  • Protecting fish, protecting reefs. Protecting fish, protecting reefs. The establishment of a new no-take reserve near Carrie Bow presents the CCRE program an excellent opportunity to establish a reef assesment project to learn more about the effects marine reserves have on coral reefs. Click to read more.
  • Elkhorn Coral Recruit Elkhorn Coral Recruit Have a look at time series photographs of a new Elkhorn Coral recruit and its growth over four years. Click to view.
  • CARICOMP Monitoring Network CARICOMP Monitoring Network For 19 years, the CCRE program has participated in the CARICOMP network of monitoring sites throughout the Caribbean. The program conducts daily and bi-weekly measurements of water quality, leading to some illuminating findings. Click to see more.


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