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Caribbean Coral Reef Ecosystems Program

Deepwater Sea Fan, Iciligorgia schrammi. Photo: J.A. Baeza

  • Reef Report Card Reef Report Card Smithsonian partner issues report card on reef health in the Mesoamerican region.
  • Carrie Bow Acroporid Demographics (CBAD) Carrie Bow Acroporid Demographics (CBAD) Click the image above to watch a mini-documentary about an exciting project going on at Carrie Bow that looks at the population demographics of threatened Acroporid corals.
  • Carrie Bow Cay Naturalists' Log Carrie Bow Cay Naturalists' Log The Naturalists' Log is now online! You can browse through all of the amazing entries from 1999-2010. Click to view.
  • Protecting fish, protecting reefs. Protecting fish, protecting reefs. The establishment of a new no-take reserve near Carrie Bow presents the CCRE program an excellent opportunity to establish a reef assesment project to learn more about the effects marine reserves have on coral reefs. Click to read more.
  • Elkhorn Coral Recruit Elkhorn Coral Recruit Have a look at time series photographs of a new Elkhorn Coral recruit and its growth over four years. Click to view.
  • CARICOMP Monitoring Network CARICOMP Monitoring Network For 19 years, the CCRE program has participated in the CARICOMP network of monitoring sites throughout the Caribbean. The program conducts daily and bi-weekly measurements of water quality, leading to some illuminating findings. Click to see more.
  • New fish species described from Carrie Bow Cay New fish species described from Carrie Bow Cay Smithsonian scientists are using modern DNA analysis to uncover cryptic species from the reef. Click to view.


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